Coat & Blanket Drive 2020

posted Nov 14, 2020, 8:59 AM by Nandita Sathees   [ updated Dec 4, 2020, 6:37 PM ]
Article by Atulya
Youth 4 class member.

This year, from August through October, the Youth Group 4 of Balvihar worked diligently to give
back to the community. Even though the pandemic did unravel specific conflicts along the way, the
annual coat and blanket drive project was a success. 
I was very excited about this project and was happy to be the lead person on it.

Searching for an organization that would accept our donations during unprecedented times was a
different story. When I initially reached out to multiple organizations, there was a sense of
uncertainty because most of them were not accepting outside donations. However, Oasis
International stood out as it was still committed to serve refugees who came from war-torn from
around the world. The public hours were changed along with other constraints to adjust to new
Covid-19 guidelines. They were so happy and welcoming when we reached out to them with our
coat and blanket drive donations.

When we delivered the donations, we witnessed the true beauty behind making a refugee’s day. It
was so gratifying to see smiles on the faces of those who received the coats and blankets. It also
allowed me to realize the literal impact of serving and understanding that the privilege I receive
should be used to help others who are less privileged and in need of help.

This whole experience was possible, thanks to Sanjana for helping with the logistics and
sending out the flyers. Nischal, Aadhya, Sahithya, and Y4 parents gave a helping hand in collecting
blankets and coats.

Sobha Shekar, Nandita Sathees and Ashok Kumar, the Youth Program teachers and coordinators
play a vital role in supervising and guiding this project and similar activities of the Youth Program.
My perspective about this whole experience was amazement. Even during these challenging times, it
was heartwarming to see the Balvihar community coming together to help support those who may
not have all the necessary resources.
On behalf of the Y4 class, I express gratitude towards the Balvihar Community for encouragement and support the group received in making this project a success. Staff of Oasis International was thankful to receive the clothes and blankets from our donors during the pandemic, which would be distributed to the families going through hard times. Overall the experience was a teachable moment. It was even more impactful after making a
beautiful memory within our Balvihar community
Nandita Sathees,
Nov 14, 2020, 9:21 AM
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